Museo Civico di Cabras – Area Archeologica di Tharros
Cabras City Museum opened in 1997, its galleries host a wide collection of archaeological finds coming from excavations campaigns carried out in Cuccuru is Arrius (period 1978 to 1980) and Tharros (from the fifties to present day). Findings from Cuccuru is Arrius provide evidence of settlement from Middle Neolithic to Roman Age.
Museum area dedicated to Tharros offers a framework of archaeological studies conducted from the last century til now.
Part of this exposition is dedicated to the tophet, typical Phoenician-Carthaginian sanctuary with large graphic and photographic documentation going back over the history of excavations and showing its features.
You can find examples of pottery from Tharros sanctuary in the wide collection of clay urns, painted and richly decorated. Other highly representative findings from Tharros sanctuary are sandstone steles exposed in the museum central gallery. Small objects as amulets and adornment objects found into clay urns together with cremated remains of animals and children offer new knowledge on tophet.
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The Giants of Monte Prama

The Giants of Monte Prama are sculptures carved in sandstone with their height varying from 2 to 2,5 mt. They were accidentally found in a field in Monte Prama. After 4 excavations carried out between 1975 and 1979, 5 thousands fragments recovered (as 15 heads and 22 torsos) were stored in Cagliari National Archaeological Museum, and some of the most representative parts were exposed in the same museum.
In addition to statues and some Nuraghe models, some baetylus of the oragiana type were recovered. After 40 years from their recovery, sculptures and pieces from Monte Prama site will get back and will be exposed in a gallery reserved to them.
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The Antiquarium Arborense is part of the Sardinian Museum System. Visiting it means having a virtual tour through the whole history of Sardinia and the province of Oristano, from ancient to modern age.
The Museum holds in its galleries a plastic model of the ancient Roman town called Tharros, together with Roman age findings, important signs and traces of this historical period of Sardinia.
Don’t miss to visit the Sala Retabli (Retables gallery) holding a plastic model of Oristano during the age of Eleonora d’Arborea and fascinating retables dating back to XIV th and XV th century. They all will offer a precious insight into history and institutions of Sardinia.
This reconstruction of Oristano urban fabric and its monuments will offer the hint to know this historical age of Oristano during the Giudicati, through a guided tour in the old city centre to discover churches and buildings guarded into the ancient city walls, and representing important heritage of this age.
Antiquarium Arborense ingresso Antiquarium Arborense | Retablo di San Martino Antiquarium Arborense sala esposizioni
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Gratis 3 and 4 May 2014
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Monumenti Aperti Oristano 2014

26 aprile 2014

     Book Now    Monumenti Aperti is coming back in May. Thanks to this event, monuments, sacred sites and museums will be open so that visitors will discover amazing history and culture of Oristano. In association with La memoria storica guided tours in the old city centre will be organized to visit churches and [...]

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